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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words by LoRee Peery

I have new friend and fellow Pelican Book Group author, LoRee Peery, sharing how a dream, a weathered barn, and a love for cowboys inspired her latest release, Cowboy Just in Time.

LoRee has generously offered a print copy of one of her Indie titles, Repurposed. See the giveaway details at the bottom of this post.

Before we hear from LoRee, let’s learn more her time travel novel, Cowboy Just in Time.

About the Book


When event planner Amanda Totten falls through a barn trapdoor and finds herself in the arms of an 1890’s cowboy, she scrambles to find a way back to the future. She has a life and obligations—her fledgling business and her mother’s financial needs. But the less stressful lifestyle, and her deepening love for Gavin Medley, is calling to her heart and she is torn between past and future.

Has God given her a chance at love?

Gavin Medley has been working for years to regain his family homestead. As ranch foreman, he has nothing but a dream of a place and family of his own. But his love for Amanda is making him think that having his own ranch isn’t as important as having someone to love for the rest of his life.

Amanda returns to the future, and Gavin is shattered. He tries to go forward in time, but fails. Believing it’s God’s will, Gavin resigns himself to living without the love of his life.

But love transcends time, and Amanda and Gavin need each other. Can Amanda return to her cowboy?

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Once upon a time I had a time travel dream. I rarely remember my dreams but this one stayed with me for a long time. I may have even dreamt it before I started writing for publication. In the dream, a woman (I think it’s me) walks upstairs in a country house and opens a door. Kapow! She steps into the old West. I never forgot it and it made me wonder if I could ever write anything historical.

Then I saw an old barn on an acreage where my brother once lived, and the seeds of Cowboy Just in Time took root. My forty words: An event planner falls through a barn loft floor and finds herself in 1890. The cowboy embodies the man of her dreams. He wants her to stay. She needs to leave. Is their love enough to span the ages?

Oh, boy. What do I know about writing a historical novel? Let me count the ways.

–I grew up on a farm that had been homesteaded (not by my family, but we owned it for 50 years) in Antelope County, Nebraska.

–I’m the oldest of seven and there was only one bedroom and no inside bathroom until I was ten (four kids at the time—we all slept in a full bed).

–I loved the pastures and often imagined buffalo grazing and cowboys galloping their horses across the land.

–I fell in love with romantic cowboys and Zane Grey books as a girl.

–Westerns were favored movies by my whole family.

I love to read cowboy historical novels, but could I really write one? Mary Connealy, I am not. The urge, the mind pictures, especially the barn, would not leave my head. So I started to pray and began the story way back in 2014.

The questions that came up, wow. What did Omaha look like before the 20th century? I knew the stockyards were a huge presence. When did the telephone come to the country? Would a ranch home have a pump with piped water on the porch?

Amanda, Gavin calls her Mandy, adapted to his time. There were skeptics. Why would a savvy business woman want to go back in time when life expectancy was so low? Why would a cowboy foreman who worked all his life for the homestead of his birth want to jump forward in time? God gives answers, in His time.

In Cowboy Just in Time Phoebe, the rancher’s daughter, is not a very likeable character. She has redeeming qualities and kept raising her hand to be heard. So Phoebe’s story is the sequel called Future of My Heart, where she comes forward in time, and releases in August.

Thank you, Kelly, you historian, you. It’s been a pleasure to join my little bit of history with your lovely blog.

About LoRee


Nebraska country girl LoRee Peery writes fiction that hopefully appeals to adult readers who enjoy stories written from a Christian perspective, focusing on the romance. These include novels and novellas for women and men in the Contemporary, Romance, Historical, Time Travel, and Mystery/Suspense categories. She writes of redeeming grace with a sense of place. Her Frivolities Series and the book based on her father’s unsolved homicide, Touches of Time, are available on Amazon. She is who she is by the grace of God: Christian, country girl, wife, mother, grandmother and great-, sister, friend, and author.

You can connect with LoRee on Twitter, Facebook, or on her Amazon author page or website.

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LoRee has generously offered a print copy of one of her Indie titles, Repurposed. To enter the drawing, please tell us below what would be the most difficult part of suddenly being transported to the 19th century.

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  1. Ann Doohan

    This looks good, I love Westerns and love watching old shows like the Big Valley, I like the time travel theme and from a Christian perspective, blessings.

    • romancinghistory

      Hi Ann, Thanks for visiting RH! I love those old westerns, too. I think Bonanza was my favorite. I had a crust on Little Joe!

  2. Joan Arning


    • Hi Joan. Just think…spiders, cold blowing up in winter, old catalogs, corncobs — You get the idea. Thanks!

    • romancinghistory

      Hi Joan, that would not be my favorite thing about visiting the past for sure!

  3. Karen Malley

    This is a fascinating concept – combining a Christian romance with time travel! Part of me likes the concept of life being simpler in the past, but somehow I think life without indoor plumbing and electricity sounds far from simple! Thanks for sharing your story, LoRee – it’s going on my TBR list!

    • romancinghistory

      Hi Karen, Thanks for visiting Romancing History today. Your comment about life being “far from simple” in the past made me chuckle. Hubby always tells me “you like reading/writing about the past but you wouldn’t like living there much.” LOL! Thanks for commenting and good luck in the drawing!

    • Karen, thank you for your kind words. A simple, though hard-working life is appealing to me because it would be down-to-earth with enjoyment found in small things and so many less distractions. My TBR list is always a long one.

  4. Hey, Kathy. Thanks for your interest. I don’t know why or how I came up with the phone idea…

  5. Congratulations on your new book. It sounds fascinating with lots of twists and turns.

    • Thank you for stopping, Gail. It is hard to be in a place and never knowing when you’ll disappear…

  6. NNnRe9EC7Kathy Bailey

    LoRee, this sounds really good. And I love your choice of Amanda’s career as “event planner” because in the Old West there was no such thing.
    Time Travel stories are fun, especially if they go back in time. I’m assuming she can’t get a signal for her phone…
    Please enter me in drawing.

  7. Sharon

    Hello, and thank you, Kelly and LoRee. LoRee, you are a new-to-me author, and your books sound wonderful. I love reading American West historical novels. The most difficult part of suddenly being transported to the 19th century for me would be no indoor plumbing! Ykes!

    • romancinghistory

      Hi Sharon, Oh man, that would be the toughest part for me too. Thanks for visiting Romancing History!

    • Hi Sharon, I hear you on the outhouse. We didn’t have a bathroom in our farm house until I was ten. Yikes is right. I always ran barefoot during summer except on Sundays. I remember stepping on garter snakes on my way out back. Eek.

  8. Kelly, thank you for allowing me to share my dream and the story behind the story of Cowboy Just in Time. I extend a special greeting to all readers.

    • romancinghistory

      You’re so welcome! Its great to have you on Romancing History!

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