Christian Fiction Authors I Recommend

Below is a list of authors across nearly every genre you can imagine. If they’re listed here, you can’t go wrong. I’ve tagged each by their genre to make it easier to find what you may be looking for. This is the genre key: B–Biblical Fiction, Contemporary, CR–Contemporary Romance, HF–Historical Fiction, HR–Historical Romance, MS–Mystery/Suspense, RS–Romantic Suspense, ST–Split Time, YA–Young Adult, WF–Women’s Fiction.

Tamera Alexander (HR), Mesu Andrews (B), Amanda Barratt (HF), Pepper Basham (CR/HR), Misty Beller (HR), Lynn Blackburn (RS), Joanne Bischof (HR), Barbara Britton (B), Lisa Carter (C/RS), Crystal Caudill (HR), Heidi Chiavaroli (ST/C), Angela K. Couch (HR), Amanda Cox (ST),  Nicole Deese (CR), Kimberly Duffy (HR), Dee Ann Gist (HR), Elizabeth Goddard (MS), Cathy Gohlke (HF/HR), Jocelyn Green (HR), Rachel Hauck (CR/ST), Jody Hedlund (HR/YA), Denise Hunter (CR), Kristi Ann Hunter (HR), Tara Johnson (HR), Julie Lessman (HR/CR/MS), Susan Ann Mason (CR/HR), Sarah Monzon (CR/ST), Carrie Stuart Parks (MS), Kristen Hoegrefe Parnell (YA), Dani Pettrey (RS), Joanna Davidson Politano (RS), Deb Raney (WF), Cynthia Ruchti (WF), Francine Rivers (B/CR/HF/HR), Toni Shiloh (CR), Melissa Tagg (CR), Jen Turano (HR), Carrie Turansky (HR), Becky Wade (CR), Natalie Walters (RS), Susan May Warren (CR/RS/HR), Lisa Wingate (WF), Karen Witemeyer (RS), Jamie Jo Wright (ST)

I’d like to make a special appeal to you to please visit their websites (linked above) and find out more about each of them. Authors love to connect with their readers. You can do that by signing up for their monthly newsletters (to find out more about them and their upcoming releases) or blogs. You can also send them a note of encouragement via their “Contact” tab or follow them on social media. And PLEASE, if you enjoyed a book, leave a review on Amazon, GoodReads and/or BookBub. Reviews are especially important on Amazon as it helps an author’s book gain visibility by showing up as recommendation for other’s who have bought similar books.

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Christian Fiction Podcasts

(No links provided. You can find these where ever you listen to podcasts.)

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