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Sometimes love finds you where you are,
and other times it meets you across distant shores as four women
discover in these four historical stories linked by a shared gold pendant.

The Veil

I’m so excited to share my first novella with readers. The Veil is part of the Across the Shores historical romance collection featuring fellow authors Angela K. Couch, Carolyn Miller, and Cara Putman.

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Baltimore, 1877
The Veil
tells the story of Caroline Wilkins, a young woman who hides behind a lace veil and vows only to remove it for a man who will profess his love without seeing what lies beneath. When she meets Franz Kohler, a mountain of a man with a dream of carving intricate Bavarian clocks, a mutual attraction simmers between them. However, neither dares to reveal their true selves, jeopardizing any hope of a future together unless two hearts can find the courage to take a chance on love.

“I swooned and grinned and brushed a few tears from my eyes,
fully engrossed in this story from beginning to end.”
             ~ Carrie Booth Schmidt, Reading Is My Super Power

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Other Stories in the Collection

More Than Gold (New South Wales, 1851) by Carolyn Miller
Josephine Wilkins is headstrong and heartbroken–why else would she have left all she knew to follow her brother’s dreams of finding gold across the seas? Daniel Jardine is simply seeking adventure, in a land far away from family responsibilities and duty, two burdens he’s happy to disregard in his quest to be known for himself. When these two finally meet sparks are set to fly, as they discover that digging deeper than first impressions reveals the true value of one’s character, and real love and faith is worth far more than gold.

Running from Love (Canada, 1905) by Angela K. Couch
Anna Kohler has left her home, and even her country, for the sake of her wayward brother. But when the local Mounted Police takes an interest in them, her hopes for the future collide. Constable Benjamin Cole has a duty to perform, no matter what his heart desires.

Lauren’s Song (Outer Banks, NC, 1942) by Cara Putman
Lauren Randolph’s world has fractured with the death of her father five years earlier in a boating accident. John Weary defied his father’s wishes when he followed his grandfather’s footsteps and joined the Coast Guard. When Lauren’s brother goes missing at sea, John is determined to do what he can for Lauren, while continuing his work scouring the shoreline for U-Boats. Lauren focuses on her duties with the Civil Defense as they seek to uncover the real reason her brother disappeared. To do so, they have to unravel the truth about the woman who claims to carry John’s child and whether fishermen are really seeing U-boats or something else entirely.

Across the Shores teams up four exceedingly talented authors to give us four sweet historical romances with fascinating bits of history, dynamic settings, and compelling characters, tied together by a single gold cross. Each story allows that particular author to shine in her preferred setting & time period, with her own voice and style, while keeping the flow and theme cohesive from one novella to the next. The messages of faith across the collection are gently done and organic to the characters without feeling forced or preachy, and the romances are the perfect blend of tender & swoony. A definite must-read!
             ~ Carrie Booth Schmidt, Reading Is My Super Power

stories that will absolutely touch your heart…relatable characters that sweep you away into their respective settings.” ~ Jessica B., Amazon Reviewer