As Long as I Can Remember, I’ve Loved History


Vintage Photo Collage–© Marsia16

I’ve always enjoyed my paternal grandfather’s stories of how our ancestors traveled with Prince Gallitzin over the Allegheny Mountains. He could regale us for hours with poems from his childhood or tales of life growing up on the Criste farm in Cresson, Pennsylvania. I remember staring wide-eyed when I’d learned that my maternal ancestors had been fur trappers and whiskey runners on the Pennsylvania frontier during the French & Indian War. I loved the pictures of my father smiling proudly in his WWII naval uniform as well as the hats, spats and gloved hands in my grandparents wedding photos. From hat pins to war medals to my mother’s worn and faded WWII ration book, I was captivated.


Dean Butler and Melissa Gilbert as Almanzo Wilder and Laura Ingalls from NBC’s Little House on the Prairie

As a child, I tuned in every week to share the joys and struggles of the Walton family during the Great Depression or to watch Laura’s adventures on Little House on the Prairie. I slept in a night cap, had a slate and chalk to play school and even a tin lunch pail. When mom wasn’t looking, I sat on the back of the couch pretending it was the seat of our Conestoga wagon as we crossed the prairie through the Dakota Territory.

Then one September night in 1979, Laura Ingalls peered lovingly into Almanzo Wilder’s eyes and called him “Manly” and I’d discovered something new—historical romance. However, it wasn’t until my sister introduced me to Love Comes Softly, nearly twenty-five years later, that I knew Christian historical romance existed as a genre. Not only did I devour the entire LCS series, but everything that Janette Oke had written. I quickly moved on to other authors and before long found myself lost in their story worlds.

It’s been a love affair ever since.

It seems as though I’ve always been wondering, always dreaming about what it might have been like to live “back then” whenever “then” might have been. Inspired by my youngest son, I decided to tinker with storytelling myself. It wasn’t long before my secret hobby became a God-given passion.

The purpose of this blog is to celebrate my love of history as well as historical fiction and drama primarily from a Christian worldview. I hope to share my enthusiasm not only for the authors and their stories, but for those interesting facts and tidbits that make history come alive. We’ll take a glimpse into the past and wonder together what it might have been like to live “back then.”

With any luck, I’ll have you falling in love with history too!