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Back to School Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Inaugural Back to School
Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!

We hope that throughout this hunt, you discover some new books and get to know a little more about us.

A few things before you begin:

This hunt is a blog hop. Collect the “clues” (pieces to the longer phrase) at each stop. Enter the individual giveaways along the way, then click on the link to the next stop and repeat until you reach #28, where you will input the full phrase as your entry to the grand prize drawing.

The hunt begins August 30, 2023, at noon EST and ends September 4, 2023, so you have plenty of time to visit each stop. If you need to step away and come back later, make a note of the last stop you visited, and go to this post with the list of all stops on the hunt.

If you are having trouble viewing the posts, you may need to switch browsers. Chrome and Firefox sometimes work better than Microsoft Explorer or Edge.

Are you ready to begin?

My name is Kelly Goshorn, and  I write stories of love, faith, and family set in America’s vibrant past.

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved history. As a child, I tuned in each week to share the joys and struggles of the Walton family during the Great Depression or to watch Laura’s adventures on Little House on the Prairie. I slept in my night cap, had a slate and chalk to play school with, and even pretended to tote my lunch in a tin pail. When mom wasn’t looking, I donned my yellow, calico bonnet and sat on the back of the couch pretending it was the seat of our Conestoga wagon as we crossed the prairie through the Dakota Territory. Then one September night in 1979, Laura Ingalls peered lovingly into Almanzo Wilder’s eyes and called him “Manly” and I’d discovered something new—historical romance. However, it wasn’t until my sister introduced me to Love Comes Softly, nearly twenty-five years later, that I knew Christian historical romance existed as a genre. Not only did I devour the entire LCS series, but everything that Janette Oke had written. I quickly moved on to other authors and before long found myself lost in their story worlds.

It’s been a love affair ever since.

Here’s a little about the book I am giving away:

Chiseled on the Heart is set primarily in Loudoun County, Virginia and follows four generations of the Hawkins Family who each carve a piece of an heirloom nativity set. The collection releases October 3rd and preorder links should be available soon.

Four generations carve out a journey of faith.

The Gift of the Lamb by Elaine Marie Cooper

In 1776, 14-year-old Charlotte Hawkins and her brother, 10-year-old Elias, are still grieving the death of their parents. Instead of making arrangements for the orphans to stay in their home state of Virginia, the parents left in their will directions to be sent to live with their aunt, uncle, and cousins, relatives they barely know, in CT.

The trip to CT was dangerous as war raged between the Redcoats and the Americans. To make matters even more troubling, northern customs about Christmas are far different. In fact, the churches in CT don’t celebrate Christmas at all. Will this be the orphan’s worst Christmas ever?

A Lasting Legacy by Cynthia Roemer

After a disabling injury sends Daniel Hawkins home from war, he struggles how to provide for his young wife, Maggie and the child she’s carrying. As Christmas approaches, he finds a sheep his grandfather carved and attempts to carve a Nativity set for Maggie. When she goes into labor during a Christmas Eve blizzard, Daniel is forced to face his feelings of inadequacy. And perhaps learn that God has a plan for his life after all.

Healing Within the Pieces by Candace West Posey

Prison shackles haunt Nathaniel Hawkins upon his return home only to discover it occupied by a woman in hiding.

Bad men are no strangers to Delia Evans, but the intruder who barged into the farmhouse shrinks from her.

With no other refuge, they must endure each other. But have they misjudged? When the past shadows their doorstep, is a grudge worth the price of a man’s life?

The Christmas Carving by Kelly Goshorn

Wyatt Hawkins dreads Christmas. Memories from the fatal shooting of his childhood friend on Christmas Eve, 1864, has left a bitter taste in Wyatt’s mouth toward God, the holiday season, and his former fiancée, Madelyn Cunningham. As Christmas draws near, can the star he’s carving for his family’s heirloom nativity point Wyatt back to the woman he’s never forgotten and the faith he’s left behind?

Chiseled on the Heart releases October 3rd. I’d be honored if you’re add the collection to your “want to read” list on Goodreads. You can pre-order your copy here.

Here is your next clue: looking at things-

Next stop: Stop #9 Sarah Hamaker

Before you go ~

I’m giving one reader this lovely nativity-themed Christmas charm bracelet.

Giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only (but if you are international and want to enter, I will send a $15 Amazon gift card to you). Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on September 4, 2023.

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Thank you so much for participating in the Inaugural Back to School Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!

We appreciate you!










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  1. Sherry Brown

    Hi Kelly!
    Your book look and sounds amazing!
    Thank you for your wonderful giveaway!!!

    • romancinghistory

      Thank you, Sherry! Thanks for stopping by and best of luck in the giveaway!

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