For a little Valentine’s Day treat, I thought I’d host my dear friend and fellow author, Angela Couch, on my blog today. Angela writes historical romance and her latest release, The Tory’s Daughter, is a wonderful story set in Revolutionary War New York. Angela has a lovely storytelling voice. Her stories flow beautifully and are filled with lovely descriptions, vivid action scenes, and yes, swoon-worthy heroes! Click here to read my 5 star review on Amazon.

Series Info: Hearts at War, Book #3

Publisher: Pelican Book Group

About the Book: Burying his wife is the hardest thing Joseph Garnet has ever done—until he’s called to leave his young son and baby daughter to fight Iroquois raiders. When one of the marauders tries to steal his horse, the last thing he expects is to end up tussling with a female. The girl is wounded, leaving Joseph little choice but to haul her home to heal—an act that seems all too familiar. Though Joseph doesn’t appear to remember her,

Hannah Cunningham could never forget him. He rode with the mob that forced her two brothers into the Continental Army and drove her family from their home—all because of her father’s loyalties to The Crown. After five years with her mother’s tribe, the rebels and starvation have left her nothing but the driving need to find her brothers.

Compelled by a secret he’s held for far too long, Joseph agrees to help Hannah find what remains of her family. Though she begins to steal into his aching heart, he knows the truth will forever stand between them.

Some things cannot be forgiven.

The Tory’s Daughter is on sale now for $1.99 and is available on Amazon

Happy Valentines Day!

What better time to talk about romance…especially in a historical setting? At the beginning of my latest release, The Tory’s Daughter, romance isn’t on anyone’s mind as Joseph Garnet stands over his wife’s grave with his two young children, one less than a year old. Yet, within twenty-four hours, he’ll find himself contemplating a future with the last woman he expected to re-enter his life, the daughter of his enemy.

Hannah Cunningham doesn’t have much for pleasant memories when it comes to Joseph Garnet. He rode with the mob that burned home and sent her brothers to fight for the Continental Army.

Sparks fly when these two find themselves in compelled into a marriage!

Here are some fun facts for you I discovered while researching this story set in 1781:

Mohawk women chose their husbands. In an era denoted by arranged or convenient marriages, this gave a girl much more freedom than often enjoyed by her European counterparts.

The man leaves his clan and joins his wife’s. Reminds me of a certain scripture at the beginning of the Bible that many Europeans and early Americans didn’t fully embrace.

Marriage was to be a partnership between husband and wife, with no one domineering the other.

So happy valentines. I hope you enjoy this story, on sale this week!

About the Author: Angela K Couch is an award-winning author for her short stories, and a semi-finalist in ACFW’s 2015 Genesis Contest. Her childhood was spent listening to her father read chapters from his novels, and Angela decided young to follow his path. As a passionate believer in Christ, her faith permeates the stories she tells. Her martial arts training, experience with horses, and appreciation for good romance sneak in there, as well. Angela lives in Alberta, Canada with her “hero” and three munchkins. Visit her at, or follow her on Twitter and Facebook!